EPOS & CCTV Pricing

How much will an EPOS or CCTV solution cost?


How much will an EPOS or CCTV solution cost?

This is a question we get a lot. Unfortunately there is not a simple answer since there are many factors involved, such as:

  • Location of premises
  • Size of premises
  • Number of tills/CCTV cameras required
  • What kind of support do you require
  • Preferred payment option

However, Just Retail can supply EPOS and CCTV solutions to fit any budget, along with varied optional support contracts. We are happy to organise a free survey of your premises and provide a quotation to fill your requirements.

We are also able to offer lease options to customers who prefer to spread the payments out over a fixed time period. Please contact us to discuss different options and payment terms further.

Payment Options

Purchase Option

Purchase systems upfront.

- No interest
- Own the assets
- 12 month hardware and software support included
- 12 months free web based training 
- Shortest route to ownership we offer

Lease Option

Lease is based on traditional asset finance and is available on 24 month terms. An option can be included to transfer title at the end of the deal or more commonly you can upgrade to brand new equipment at the end of the deal.

Low rentals - Spread the cost over the longest period of time
- 24 months hardware and software support included
- 24 months free web based training
Free Software Upgrades - Auto renew software to stay ahead of technology demands
Financially efficient - Offset rentals against tax
Own the asset after the term

Want to discuss further?

Drop us a line today to talk about your options.